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Abrasive Sanding Sponge Blocks

Abrasive Sanding Sponge Blocks

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Do you need an abrasive for an assortment of surface textures from coarse to fine blocks? The Coral Essentials Sanding Sponges 6PC is the perfect choice for both quality and value.
  • Do you want a an assorted pack of abrasive sanding blocks? Do you prefer a dense sponge pad for sanding irregular surfaces? Do you sand-paper blocks for wet or dry sanding?
  • This assorted pack allows you to work down from a coarse grit to a fine grit for a smooth finish. Foam sponge base is great for sanding contours, irregular shapes or flat surfaces
  • This pack includes 2x fine grit blocks, 2x medium grit blocks, and 2x coarse grit blocks. Suitable for fast wet or dry sanding of wood, paint, metal, fibreglass, plastic and drywall materials
  • Sand the surface by rubbing the sandpaper along it with consistent pressure. On bare wood, you'll sand with the grain.
  • Why wait? Choose this great value abrasive block set for a good finish on your next sanding project.


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